About gallery Nono

Welcome to gallery Nono.

The idea of running a gallery did not come overnight. After 9 years of experience in the gallery world, it is time start my own contemporary gallery.

Gallery Nono is a personal gallery with a selection of her favorite artists. Over the years, being almost daily committed to art, by watching, reading, buying and talking to visual artists, my knowledge and taste developed further. These experiences are reflected in the choices I made for the gallery.

I am therefore pleased that Bertrand Fournier, Nuria Maria, Win Nival, Kira Fröse, Alex De Bruycker, Jelle Van Den Heede, Camille Truyffaut, Mirthe Blussé and Floris Hovers have joined gallery Nono. This selection of internationally operating artists represent various disciplines such as painting, sculpture, collage art, object trouvé and design.

The artists all have their own signature. It can best be summarized as a mix of abstract figurative with meditative elements and humor …

I hope you enjoy the art of gallery Nono as much as I do!

Kind regards, Renée van Nievelt