Floris Hovers

Floris Hovers (1976) lives and works in Raamdonksveer, Netherlands.

To ‘create’ is about the child in a human being, while ‘design’ stands for adult.

– Floris Hovers

Floris Hovers was educated as designer at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He graduated in 2004. His designs come forth from a process of making: in his big workshop he builds, constructs and examines his ideas in the third dimension. Machines, material and a rich variety of experiments, remnants and “found objects” surround him.

The work of Hovers distinguishes itself mainly by simple designs. He does this consciously especially by the designs for children’s toys, as his famous auto designs for Arche Toys and the Flessenboot. Consciously, because he wants to keep stimulating the “creative mind” of the child with his designs.

Floris Hovers has developed himself more and more, in the past 16 years, from a designer to an artist and you that notice in his free work.

Knowhow and intuition go hand in hand as a human being and machine. In his work he is always looking for he basic, the simple and the balance in function and ethics.

Color plays a central role in all of his work. He studies all kinds of “color schemes”. And with the results he knows how to create an absolute personal sphere which is playful, daring and surprising, mostly rooted from a cherished past. With this he touches a tender chord by a big audience.

The work of Floris Hovers is to be found in many private collections, Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Van Leeuwen Buizen and Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst.