Group Show ‘Celebrate Summer’

07.07 – 28.07.2024

For this last exhibition at the gallery space of the Boekhorststraat 12, The Hague, I have chosen to show works of all the
artists represented.

Wim Nival (BE)
Alex De Bruycker (BE)
Kia Fröse (DE)
Stef De Brabander (BE)
Jelle Van Den Heede (BE)
Camille Truyffaut (BE)
John Fraser (US)
Darja Eßer (DE)
Floris Hovers (NL)

In October the gallery will have moved to the new location at the Voorstraat 14, Delft. Everybody is very much welcome there.

Solo show – Camille Truyffaut 

Appâts pour les yeux

De mes yeux à ma main, de ma main à ma poche, de ma poche à vos yeux.
Quand le clou devient hameçon, l’humain devient poisson.

04.05 – 02.06.2024

You are most welcome at finissage Sunday 2 June 15.30 – 18.00 hours. The artist will be present.


The questions of perception and transformation are the core of Camille Truyffaut’s work.

How does light affect the color, the texture, the surface of any support and enters in relation with it.

She combines different techniques such as etching and ceramic. Her work often takes shape through layered installations where the color appears as a mist thanks the transparency.

A fragile equilibrium between revealing and concealing, a moment of transition from a color to another, from a shape to another. A taste for the beauty of  impermanence and ephemerality.



The exhibition will be running till Sunday March 24.