RuimteRemmelink and Gallery Nono will alternately share the space at Voorstraat 14 in Delft from September this year. This provides art lovers with an additional view of the various art styles that both galleries represent.


Monochromes – group exhibition

The opening is Sunday March 3 from 15.30 hours, you are most welcome.

  • Alex de Bruycker, Camille Truyffaut, Darja Eßer en Michaël de Kok

Monochrome art. This art form often limits itself to one color or varying shades of the same hue, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the essence. “Less is more” serves as a powerful tool for the artists featured in this exhibition. Viewers can focus on texture, form, and the visually pleasing interaction of light and shadow without being distracted by alter effects.

Group exhibition ‘Stuck on Collage’

Wim Nival
Camille Truyffaut
Jelle Van Den Heede
John Fraser
Stef De Brabander

Opening Sunday 17 December 15.30 – 18.00 hour.

Inspired by the collage art that emerged in the early 20th century, Gallery Nono presents contemporary works rooted in this technique.

The exhibition ‘Stuck on Collage’ showcases five artists who have created unique collages. This beautiful exhibition demonstrates the diverse artistic outcomes possible with the same technique, where fragments are transformed into visual poetry.

I warmly invite you to come and enjoy intricate paper compositions, mixed-media variations, serene and almost minimalist compositions, and brightly colored assembled works.

‘Stuck on Collage’ pays homage to over 100 years of collage art!

Preview 15 and 16 December from 13.00 – 17.00 hour.

The exhibition can be seen till 28 January 2024.

Invitation to an Art-Based Learning Session at the Gallery!

Machella Boot stimulates personal development within organizations through a unique approach for profound change. Her methodology transcends traditional solutions, embracing sensory experience, delay, and wonder.

Exploring art as innovative reflection and tapping into creativity are her core values. She introduces Art-Based Learning in her sessions, where your inquiries and associations take center stage. Whether in museums or at Gallery Nono, Machella swiftly unveils a different dialogue around artworks, fostering new perspectives.

Following this session, the exhibition’s closing event will take place.

Double Belge

Stef De Brabander and Roeland Tweelinckx

Double Belge is an exhibition in which both artists incorporate humor into their art, albeit in different ways. De Brabander translates amusing anecdotes, while Tweelinckx often integrates humor subtly and hidden within his work

Stef De Brabander never starts with a blank canvas; this is why he often uses recycled materials as a foundation. He is an artist who carefully considers whether an artwork is finished or not. As a painter, he acts as a translator of an amusing anecdote, searching for imperfections. He covers and uncovers with color, resulting in playful and colorful artworks.

Roeland Tweelinckx is subtle and adapts to each new situation and space, often in a humorous manner, but just as frequently concealed, contrary, and invisible to the inattentive visitor. Be vigilant when attending his presentation. Nothing is what it seems; a house is not a house, and a house is not a house. – Frederik Vergaert –

You can visit the exhibition till Sunday 29 October.

North Sea Jazz festival

Gallery Nono will be present at the North Sea Jazz festival.

Hudson Art Department

On the ground floor you will find an contemporary art fair with over fourteen galleries from The Netherlands and Belgium. On the middle square a sculpture garden and a placement where you can find contemporary design.

Herewith the link where you can see all of the works on show at NSJ.

Wim Nival retrospective

On Sunday 11 June,  you are most welcome for the opening of the retrospective of Wim Nival. We worked together with Wim Nival to bring together works from 30 years of artistry.
This exhibition will be accompanied by a publication in which Antoon Melissen describes his work beautifully. It is the first time for Wim Nival that a retrospective exhibition is organized.
The selection of the delicate works of art can be seen and purchased from June 11 (preview from June 9). I look forward to this special exhibition and to your visit.



The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend

This year The Hague Contemporary is celebrating their sixth edition of The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend. During the three-day event, The Hague takes center stage, showcasing the latest developments in contemporary art the city has to offer. From 30 June – 02 July, exhibitions, tours, talks, and pop-up presentations from over twenty art institutions will be taking place across the city. After the kick-off at the art school KABK, well-known museums, renowned galleries, experimental presentation spaces, and emerging artists’ initiatives will offer the best from the art scene.

Attention! On Friday 30 June we will be open on 15.00h,  due to preview at KABK.

The whole program of THC Art weekend can be found here.

Opening hours during Art Weekend, Friday 15.00 – 21.00h, Saturday and Sunday 12.00 – 18.00h.

For the second time, seven galleries are organizing the Fair Share Art Fair, an art fair with a unique concept. Participants contribute a portion of each sale, with the final amount being split between the galleries and event location.  At this fair we show a presentation by Jelle Van Den Heede and Bertrand Fournier.

KunstRAI | Art Amsterdam 2023

Bertrand Fournier (FR) (solo), Alex De Bruycker (BE), Kira Fröse (DE), Darja Eßer (DE), Nuria Maria (NL) and Camille Truyffaut (BE)

Solo exhibition Bertrand Fournier – Oysters chapter one

For the new series ‘Oysters chapter one’, Fournier took a two-year break to conduct research. The new forms he has created are the result of his instinctive brush strokes, which have been born from intuition. Gallery Nono is proud to host this series for the first time in the Netherlands.

Group show  – WHITE

Wim Nival, Alex De Bruycker, Jelle Van Den Heede, Sander Reijgers, Catelijne Boele, Stef De Brabander and Tineke Bruijnzeels.


A colour that speaks a thousand words.
A pure white canvas.
A calming and soothing presence.
An untainted and clean slate.
A space to create and explore.
And for you to be seen.

The show is on view at the gallery until Sunday 26 February.

Exhibition ‘in transfer’

Camille Truyffaut (BE), Jelle Van Den Heede (BE), Kira Fröse (DE) and Darja Eßer (DE).

The exhibition “in transfer” shows 4 artists who all make special works of art with different techniques.

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Darja Eßer works with paper and creates wonderfully delicate and transparent objects. Her work was shown two years ago in Museum Rijswijk during the Paper Biennale.

Camille Truyffaut presents abstract works with aquatint on organza and glass. The techniques she masters are extremely clever and fit surprisingly well with the tranquil work of Darja Eßer.

Jelle Van Den Heede shows her latest collages. Both the (small) size and the image evoke intimate memories of the past and associate with the avant-garde art of the last century.

Kira Fröse works with different materials such as glass, ceramics and found objects. Her work invites you to be touched and when looking at her work it is hard to suppress a smile. Humor and perfection go surprisingly well together in her work.

Four women with talent and beautiful works ‘in transfer’.

‘Under Construction’

Duo exhibition Alex De Bruycker & Floris Hovers

A balanced exhibition by the Belgian artist Alex De Bruycker and the Dutch artist Floris Hovers. The transparant and constructivist work of De Bruycker with chiffon as a carrier, combines beautifully with the soft color combinations on wood by Floris Hovers. Both artists are inspired by architecture. The works are characterized by abstraction and stillness.

Art The Hague 2022

From 5 till 9 October

Alex De Bruycker, Floris Hovers, Camille Truyffaut, Kira Fröse en Wim Nival

Boekhorststraat 12, 2512 CR The Hague

There I go.…in front of my new gallery space?.

After having learned a lot from fellow gallery owners, many great encounters with artists and by looking closely and carefully to art, I started gallery Nono two years ago.

Initially only online, pop-ups and with participating in art fairs, which turned out to be a good choice during the Covid period. Last year I was finally able to run my first major art fair and partly due to all the positive reactions, I decided to move into this beautiful gallery space in the center of The Hague.

This way I am able to offer the artists of my gallery and future artists an even more beautiful stage. It is exciting to take this step and I am really looking forward to compose beautiful exhibitions and surprising the public.

Where? Boekhorststraat 12 The Hague

When? From August 18

Opening? September 4 -> Save the date!

KunstRAI | Art Amsterdam 2022

After the first successful year being at the KunstRAI, Gallery Nono is happy to be present with a solostand of Nuria Maria  Furthermore the introduction of the artists Alex De Bruycker, Jelle Van Den Heede and Camille Truyffaut.  To compliment the stand new works of Wim Nival and Kira Fröse will be shown.

Group exhibition WHY DON’T WE

Mirthe Blussé, Nuria Maria, Kira Fröse, Camille Truyffaut, Jelle van den Heede, Catelijne Boele and Anne Olde Kalter.

The exhibition can also be seen online, please click here.


Opening special children’s book presentation accompanied by solo exhibition of Floris Hovers.

On the 28th of November Ramon van Eijck en Floris Hovers will present the children’s book Pim and Eva.

You are most welcome from 13.00 hours at the Toussaintkade 49, The Hague (location Parts Project).

The exhibition will run from November the 27th till the 5th of December.

Toussaintkade 49, 2513 CL The Hague (Parts Project)

Art The Hague 2021

Bertrand Fournier, Nuria Maria, Kira Fröse, Mirthe Blussé, Floris Hovers and Wim Nival

KunstRAI 2021


The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend

Pop-up exhibition

With Nuria Maria, Wim Nival en Floris Hovers

Korte Vijverberg 2
The Hague (across museum Mauritshuis)

Pop-up gallery!

Wim Nival
Kira Fröse
Nuria Maria